5 years of Ultimaker

For five years, Ultimaker has been continuously growing and evolving. During that time, we’ve remained focused on innovation, collaboration and customer satisfaction. It’s always been our priority to set new standards for the industry.

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Technical evolution Ultimaker Protobox

Industry developments

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It's in

The world is filled with great ideas that are waiting to become a reality. Our goal is to provide the most powerful, accurate and reliable tools that will help you translate your vision into tangible objects.

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Optimize and expand
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Ultimaker’s appeal lies in its accessibility and flexibility. Our 3D printers are suitable for all forward-thinking professionals, educational institutions and innovative companies, no matter the size. Here are just some of the brands that have used our 3D printers over the years.

  • Apple
  • Duke university
  • Airbus
  • Tesla
  • Siemens
  • Volkswagon

So what's next?

Much has changed since we first came around 5 years ago. As much as we enjoyed looking back, our eyes are on the future. With the Ultimaker 3, professional 3D printing is made accessible.

Meet the Ultimaker 3